What’s the difference? – Part One

When talking about romance, whether it be novels or movies, what comes to mind? Kissing? Long stares? Goofy smiling? Lots of sex?

Wait! I can see some of you are already looking away. Even the roughest stories can contain romance in it. I wrote The Look of Love, book one in my Mama’s Boys series, about an mixed-martial-arts (MMA) fighter who rushes home to take care of his mother when she falls ill. To help support her, he runs her hair salon.

I absolutely love fish-out-of-water stories. Movies like “The Tooth Fairy” with Dwayne Johnson, or “The Pacifier” with Vin Diesel, or even “The Nanny” with Hulk Hogan make me laugh and pull at my heartstrings. That’s what good fiction should do.

So, some readers may think, “Oh, an MMA fighter with a soft heart. Why would I care about a character like that?” But look at the movie “Rocky.”

You can see in the posters the movie makers aimed at all audiences. With the image of Rocky on top of the steps, they were trying to attract the dreamers and sports enthusiasts who love to root for the underdog. The other poster clearly shows a beaten alpha male with a soft heart for the woman by his side. That poster is appealing to the romantics out there. I’m seeking both with my books, except my hero isn’t screaming, “Adrienne!”

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